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Trout National

The Reserve

The Reserve will be highly strategic in nature as sprawling fairways will offer multiple routes from tee to green. Undulating green complexes with low-cut surrounds will further emphasize the challenging, yet fun-focused design where risk-reward opportunities will be presented throughout the round to create an ideal match play environment. The unique nature of the course will promote creative shot making and optionality, qualities will be underscored with a striking par three match hole inspired by the club co-founder and MLB All-Star, Mike Trout, featuring multiple tee and green options.

Driving through the front gate, members are immediately surrounded by luxurious comfort.

The course features 82 dogwood trees, one for each of Tiger's PGA TOUR victories.

Course Overview

We've taken meticulous detail into every contour of the course, from its sprawling fairways to the sandy waste areas that pay homage to the site's history as a silica sand mine. The result is a uniquely challenging layout mixing strategy with entertaining shot-making opportunities at every turn.

Scroll to the right for regular updates as each hole comes to life.

Hole No. 1

The course routing features a variety of natural elements.

Hole No. 3

The signature island green on No. XX taking shape.

Hole No. 6

Undulating greens reward strategic shot-making.

The Course

Our Team

Mike trout

When he's not adding to an already impressive collection of baseball accolades, Mike enjoys escaping to the golf course. He takes immense personal pride in bringing Trout National - The Reserve to southern New Jersey. A graduate of Millville High School, his earliest golf memories include trips to the driving range with his father, Jeff.

Tiger Woods

Since turning professional in 1996, Tiger has built an unprecedented competitive career. His 106 worldwide wins and 15 majors mirror his success off the course. He serves as Founder and CEO of TGR, a multibrand enterprise which includes TGR Design, a team of highly qualified golf industry leaders combining nearly 85 years of global experience in all facets of golf course design.

John Ruga

A fellow South Jersey native, John shares the same family values as Mike, making their partnership a natural fit. Inspired by his father’s commercial construction business, John runs Northeast Precast - a residential and commercial building firm - which has grown to become one of the nation’s largest precast operations.

Trout National Team

We have assembled a team befitting both Mike’s commitment to his family as well as the unrivaled excellence of Trout National. Mike’s wife Jess leads all elements of design for the club, while his brother Tyler manages operations. Head groundskeeper FName LName brings more than XX years of expertise, and as one of our first and most important hires, has been hard at work since Day 1 ensuring an immaculate golf experience for our members.

Stay tuned for additional appointments in the near future.